31 May, 2023

Five months of our sponsor puppy, Shelley

Since December 2022, we have been sponsoring assistance dog in-training, Shelley as part of our Puppy Partnership with Dogs for Good. Now almost six months old, we are very pleased to be able to share her first progress report from trainer, Laura – and it’s five stars all round.


Like any young pup, Shelley has been following a consistent routine to support her development. In addition to house training, learning to be left alone and basic obedience, she is being slowly introduced to larger groups of people, animals and new environments. On her visits to the local shops, she has shown a particular fondness towards young children and babies who enjoy her wagging tail and “cheeky character.” Her next challenge will be to travel on a bus and train.

In her future career, Shelley will be supporting adults and children affected by physical and mental-health conditions. More recently, she has mastered the hand touch which will eventually enable her to use access buttons, alert others and offer reassurance to her client. She has also learned to wait for longer periods of time, walk on a variety of textures and inside of different objects.


We will receive Shelley’s next progress report in four month’s time when there will be no doubt many more of her achievements to share.


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