13 May, 2024

Moving for our mental health

Mental Health Awareness week 2024

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is all about the mental health benefits of moving more. Being active can lead to better sleep, better mood, better stress management and it reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. Despite this, 36% of adults in the UK do not meet the physical activity recommendations set out by the World Health Organisation. 

In January, we set ourselves a team challenge to get away from our desks and move more. We decided to walk from London to our furthest client, based in Brisbane – a whopping 23,089,545 steps. We are over the halfway mark and have made it to Thailand – only another 11,367,424 steps to go! Within our team, there are mixed ages, levels of fitness and interests, but we have all found the team challenge a great motivator to move more and something that everyone can participate in. 

So, for this Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s all make an effort to move more for our mental health. 


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