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Bringing Jabil safety standards to life

We worked with Jabil to re-design their safety standards, so they are engaging, visual and easy to understand.

The Challenge

Jabil, a global manufacturing company, has multiple safety standards that are used by employees across the business, covering a large range of topics; from machinery safety and hazardous chemicals to hearing protection and combustible dust. These standards contained a huge amount of information, and feedback from their employees told us that they were long, hard to navigate and not very engaging. The challenge was to re-design these standards, so they included all the relevant information, but were easier to read and understand.

Our Approach

We reviewed each standard and reorganised the information into a clear structure that was reflected across all the standards. Instead of scrolling through a long word document to find the information needed, we created an interactive PDF for each standard.

This means users can easily navigate between chapters and interact with the content by clicking pop-ups to find out more. Where possible, we took information and presented it in a visual way, using pictures and diagrams to help increase understanding and reduce the level of text.

The Outcome

Jabil has a suite of standards to launch across the business that are user friendly, visual, and easier to navigate and understand. By making these documents more accessible and engaging, more people will be able to refer to the standards on a regular basis and will understand the content better.


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