Improving health, safety and wellbeing

Engaging leaders in safety at Moderna

Moderna needed to engage their leaders in the role they play in creating a positive safety culture.

The Challenge

Moderna wants to continually improve their safety performance and create a positive safety culture, where safety is embedded at the heart of what they do. To achieve this, they needed their leaders to understand the essential role they play in influencing culture and to make a visible commitment to safety to create a proactive, engaged safety culture.

Our Approach

Working with Moderna, we created a safety leadership programme for their leaders globally. The programme includes four online learning modules to be completed in their own time, combined with two face-to-face sessions with other leaders. Leaders explore real incidents and cultural challenges, review dilemmas, watch animations and reflect on their own

behaviours, making a commitment to what they can do going forwards to improve safety culture in their area.

The Outcome

Moderna’s leaders have an increased understanding of how their safety behaviours influence others and the importance of their role in creating a positive, engaged safety culture.


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