16 Nov, 2020

A guide to proactively managing mental health risks

There has never been a more important time for managers to be proactively managing mental health risks in the workplace.

The impact of COVID-19 will be felt long after lockdowns end. Loss of control and uncertainty will continue to be part of people’s working lives.

Managers may not be able to influence the course of COVID-19, but they can be proactive in managing other sources of stress that can lead to mental health issues in their team.

Recognising the signs of stress, understanding what the sources of stress are, and proactively managing those sources in order to reduce the stress in a team are important skills for managers to help manage mental health risks.

We have created a handy interactive guide to help managers know what to look out for and consider what more they can do to manage the sources of stress in their team. It also provides tips on how to sign post the right help for team members who are showing signs of poor mental.

The guide is provided as an interactive pdf which can viewed on laptops or mobile devices.

Please download and share this guide in your organisation, and if you would like a version branded for your business do get in touch.


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