25 May, 2023

Change the conversation, change your safety culture

Achieving a high reliability safety culture relies on everyone, not just HSE leaders or those in operational roles, taking a genuine, first-hand interest in health and safety; making it as much a part of natural day-to-day conversations as cost, productivity, customers and quality.

It’s important and valuable to have safety moments and safety days to focus minds on the right safety behaviours. But those should not be the only times that we talk about safety. After all, we don’t stop to have a cost day or productivity moment. Those business drivers are just part of the regular conversation.

In truly mature safety cultures, safety permeates every conversation: in planning meetings, in long term strategising, in operational exchanges.

It’s not a special conversation. It’s part of day-to-day conversation. 

Health and safety conversations are about how work is actually done; how those doing the job think it can be done more safely; how the decisions made today might impact on safety tomorrow; how to ensure that health and safety is balanced evenly with other business drivers.

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