11 Jun, 2020

Digital learning: the next normal

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, digital learning will play a critical role in enabling employees and leaders to continue to build their capability and rapidly learn new skills.

Digital learning is already a core learning channel in many large organisations, either built on off the shelf learning packages that come with costly licence fees, or on bespoke learning products that can take months to build.

As face to face learning opportunities become a rare luxury, the need for cost effective, quick to deploy learning and engagement solutions is growing. The challenge for businesses is how to deliver more content through digital and virtual channels while maintaining quality of the learning.

Too often digital learning is a read and tick exercise; at best a dull duty bound experience; at worst a truly disengaging waste of employee time.

As businesses seek to quickly develop more digital learning, our advice is to make it your own.

  • Invest in bespoke solutions that feature your content, your challenges, your workplaces so that it feels totally relevant and meaningful for your people. Health and safety training that features people in hard hats and high viz is meaningless for employees working in a retail store!
  • Ensure it is as visually engaging and interactive as possible, catering for multiple learning styles and preferences.
  • Make sure it links to everything else – so messages and visuals align with the broader business context and the learning feels integral to what your business needs to achieve.

So, what does good, cost effective, bespoke and quickly developed, digital learning look like? View our work.


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