30 Apr, 2020

Dull and expensive or engaging and cost effective: the health and safety eLearning challenge

In a world where businesses and employees are being required to change at a rate never seen before, the one constant is learning.

Despite all the change, core learning that is fundamental to individuals’ roles must continue. Many organisations are looking at how to maintain learning in their organisations by digitising content and maximising use of virtual channels.

But as many of us who have participated in eLearning know, it is often tedious, unengaging, and not directly relevant to employees’ day to day experiences. And that poses a huge challenge when companies need to rely more and more on digital solutions. How do they maintain the quality of face to face classroom learning and ensure that the learning is not just being completed, but that participants are engaging with, learning from the content and then applying what they learn?

When reviewing clients’ health and safety learning needs, we often find that the e-learning packages they are using are off the shelf products that do not feel at all relevant to their employees – which is an instant turn off for the learner.

Or that there is literally no level of interaction with the learning content that requires any kind of thought or challenge, ie. no opportunity to actually learn. And then we discover that the client is paying a huge yearly licence fee to use the product because it enables them to meet learning compliance requirements.

For less than the cost of a yearly licence fee, we have created beautifully designed bespoke, interactive eLearning about health and safety that really engages people in learning. Turning learning from a tick box chore into an interesting, enjoyable experience that learners are happy to complete and providing clients their own, relevant and long-lived learning solution that they can use again and again for years to come.

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