24 Sep, 2020

Getting more value from the safety programmes and initiatives you already have

Despite forward thinking organisations investing large amounts in behavioural safety programmes, safety communications, safety conversations, safety reporting tools, safety walks, and so on, research shows that while low level incident rates across many industries have come down – serious injuries and fatality rates have plateaued.

It raises the question as to whether organisations are getting the most value from their investment in safety initiatives.

Often when it appears a new initiative is not working it gets discarded in the search of the next great thing. But before organisations decide to invest in new programmes to e.g. increase capability, leadership development and culture – shouldn’t they take a moment and assess what they have already got?

Our experience is that many organisations already have loads of great tools and resources for shifting safety culture and behaviours, it’s just that nobody – apart from the people who commissioned them – know they are there.

The real challenge is not that the tools don’t work, it’s that there has been a lack of engagement with key the stakeholders who need them and who have a lot of other things on their minds. Tools and initiatives are released scatter gun into the business and then filed on a share point, never to be seen again. It becomes difficult to join the resources together into one coherent safety improvement toolbox for the business to draw on.

So, what to do? Before embarking on something ‘brand’ new – it’s worth investing in a review of what you already have got. Then, throw out what isn’t up to scratch; freshen up and turbocharge the good stuff; fill any gaps with bespoke solutions that look and feel like yours and make why what and how of what you have available really clear and easy to access for everyone that needs it.


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