03 Nov, 2022

Great safety culture: it’s all about the conversation

Over the last three days, BB&A has been working with a global client to engage 1,400 operational and senior leaders from around the world in the role they play in creating a high reliability safety culture.

Leaders from across the business have come together at face-to-face safety experiences and interactive virtual sessions to explore and discuss their part in creating the best culture for their people to work safely.

The overwhelming take away has been the richness of the conversation, the exchange of ideas and the hundreds upon hundreds of personal commitments to ensure safety is a natural part of day-to-day conversations – in the same way that productivity, cost, and quality is.

This is just the first step on one client’s journey to reset their safety culture. And it can be simply summed up by one comment:

“It’s the best engagement around safety I have seen – it really was great to see leaders being so involved and insightful around safety – it was hugely inspiring.”


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