23 Feb, 2022

Is safety really your number one priority?

Google the phrase “safety is our number 1 priority” and you will get 398,000,000 results. It’s a well-used phrase!

But when it comes to being a successful business, can safety really be our number one priority? It implies that the goal is to eliminate all safety risks from your business. But if you do that, what business do you have left?

Instead, should organisations be saying that ‘safe production’ or ‘safe delivery’ or ‘safe service’ is their priority? Finding the balance between cost, efficiency and safety to provide customers and employees with the safest outcomes possible. 

It’s a great conversation to have with leadership teams, encouraging them to be honest about what really drives the decisions they make and, more importantly, agreeing what more they can do to ensure ‘safe production’, ‘safe delivery’ or ‘safe service’. 

If you are going to tell the world that safety is your priority you need to be clear about what that really means, what you are really trying to achieve, and how that impacts your decisions and the work that you do. If you want to continually improve safety, it is a conversation that every leader at every level in a business needs to have.

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