10 Oct, 2023

Mental wellbeing and safety go hand in hand

Mental wellbeing and safety go hand in hand

When it comes looking after your people, mental wellbeing and safety go hand in hand. Anxiety and stress are major sources of distractions, leading to lapses in concentration and mistakes that cause incidents and accidents.

Developing a supportive working environment, that keeps everyone safe and well, requires a culture where people feel comfortable to talk about mental wellbeing and where work-related stress factors are identified and acted on.

How confident are you that leaders in your organisation are equipped to create that culture? Do they:

  • Have conversations about mental wellbeing with their teams?
  • Recognise the signs of poor mental wellbeing and respond appropriately?
  • Proactively reduce the causes of work-related stress for their team?

At BB&A, we help organisations engage their leaders in creating supportive working environments as part of a high reliability safety culture. Get in touch to find our more.


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