21 May, 2020

Protecting your people, your customers, your business – the behavioural challenge

As businesses plan to safely get employees back to the workplace, our customer facing clients tell us that their biggest challenge is ensuring social distancing and good hygiene at the same time as continuing to deliver a great customer experience.

We are helping clients do both by providing support and assets to engage leaders and employees in how to work in a way that protects their people, their customers and their business.

Key issues we are helping clients with include how to:

  • Prepare for ‘safe service’ – embedding new safety controls and engaging employees in new operating practices to ensure everyone remains safe
  • Adapt the customer experience – to the new working conditions so employees can still provide a welcoming environment in which to provide service to their customers
  • Social distance – on the shop floor, at fitting rooms, at till points, and tables
  • Set up a safe working environment – use of signage and behavioural nudges
  • Optimise the customer journey – to enable maximum sales opportunities and great customer experience.

We are working on a wide range of solutions, from animated digital communications that quickly reach remote and shift-based audiences to bring to life the day to day behaviours that are needed; to comprehensive and engaging step by step guides for site leaders to ensure they plan and put in place consistent procedures and controls.

Our approach is based on providing clarity by combining cut through messaging and design with practical tools which enable everyone to understand and buy-in to what this new world ‘means for me’.

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