20 Mar, 2023

Accelerating change on world water day

This year, World Water Day coincides with the UN 2023 Water Conference (22-24 March) — the first to take place in almost 30 years. It will bring together national governments, specialised agencies, organisations, and other stakeholders in conversations around the increasingly desperate water and sanitation crisis.

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. This is due to rising demand driven by industry, population growth, energy, and changes in the global population’s diet. But it’s not just about ensuring access to water and sanitation. The success of the entire 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is underpinned by a well-managed water cycle.

With governments needing to work on average four times faster to meet SDG6 on time, everyone must act in order to accelerate change.

Many businesses are focusing on water as part of their environmental sustainability targets. As water stress begins to impact previously unaffected parts of the world, organisations are not just looking their operations but beyond to their global supply chain.

For many, success will rely on an organisation-wide shift in mindset from consuming water to reusing water.

We are supporting some of the most forward-thinking global businesses by enabling business-wide learning and conversations about what water sustainability really means for their operations and the way they do business. From colleagues in product design to engineering, manufacturing to procurement, finance to legal, every part of the business has a part to play in developing a truly environmentally sustainable organisation.

The greatest risks and the greatest opportunities for improving water stewardship may lie beyond an organisation’s own boundaries. Collaboration with partners, customers and supply will be key to managing water sustainably for the long term.

If you’d like to start a conversation about making your water goals a reality, get in touch today.


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