Delivering environmental targets

BAT: Creating business-wide awareness of environmentally sustainability

We developed an employee-wide digital foundation learning programme for the global consumer goods company, BAT, to ensure a consistent understanding of environmental sustainability.


The challenge

BAT has a clear and ambitious ESG strategy, including environmental sustainability targets which aim to achieve carbon neutrality and other milestones by 2030.

BAT’s environmental sustainability strategy relies on its colleagues understanding and being engaged in the part they play in doing the right thing for the environment. The company required a learning experience that would enable their people to explore, become emotionally connected with, and consider how their own day-to-day behaviours and decisions impact carbon emissions, water usage and biodiversity.

Our solution

We developed a digital foundation learning programme to ensure a consistent understanding of environmental sustainability amongst BAT’s colleagues. 


The programme covered what environmental sustainability is, the key concepts and terminology, why environmental sustainability is important for BAT to achieve its purpose of ‘A better tomorrow’, what BAT’s environmental priorities are, how people’s personal attitudes and behaviours impact on environmental sustainability, and the key actions to help improve environmental performance at BAT.

The outcome

The digital learning programme ensured sustainability was understood by all of BAT’s colleagues, not just the sustainability team, and generated relevant and actionable individual plans to support the company’s environmental sustainability goals.

BAT’s subsequent Annual ESG reports show a positive trend towards achieving the company’s environmental targets. We are pleased to have contributed to BAT’s commitment to ‘A better tomorrow’.




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