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Communicating Moderna’s EHS Management System

Moderna needed to communicate its EHS Management System to everyone in the organisation.

The challenge
Moderna’s EHS Management System (EHS MS) provides a blueprint for managing EHS across the organisation to reduce risk, ensure regulatory compliance and improve EHS performance. The details are set out in a Manual and Moderna wanted to find a way to communicate it to everyone.

Our solution
We created a series of visual and engaging tools to sit alongside the Manual:

  • Animations brought to life the context of the organisation and highlighted the key steps in the EHS MS.
  • An infographic provided a big picture overview.


  • An interactive PDF enabled people to find out what they could do in their roles to support the delivery of the Management System and provided quick links to relevant Standards and Procedures.
  • A slide deck supported the introduction of the EHS MS to leaders across the organisation.

The outcome
Increased understanding of how the EHS Management System helps to keep everyone safe and well, protect the environment and continually improve EHS performance.


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