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GSK: Creating a consistent safety culture

We helped GSK’s Workplace, Real Estate & Facilities (WREF) team to deepen understanding of the safety behaviours necessary to keep everyone safe.

The challenge

With a workforce comprising numerous different third-party contractors and sub-contractors as well as their own employees, GSK’s Worldwide Real Estate Facilities (WREF) team wanted to engage everyone in understanding the safety behaviours required to keep everyone safe, no exceptions.

Our solution

We worked closely with a team from WREF to build on and align with their See it, Stop it, Stay Safe and Life Saving Rules campaigns, delivering multiple communications and engagement activities:

The big picture tool lifted the lid on a fictional WREF site and challenged people to spot the typical hazards in their day-to-day working environments. The digital, interactive tool provided an opportunity for everyone to view the hazards in their workplace with fresh eyes and supported a conversation about what the right thing to do is in different safety scenarios.

Safety moments are a series of engaging five-minute activities which are used at the start of meetings to keep safety top of mind.

Safety check-ins continue the safety conversation each month, providing a more in-depth discussion on the risks covered by GSK’s Life Saving Rules.

Good News Stories are an opportunity to regularly highlight great safety behaviours and practices demonstrated by individuals or teams across WREF and to recognise and thank those involved.

Focus on… animations, conversation toolkits and infographics focus on and bring to life particular safety issues such as working at height, asbestos management and change control.

The design of all the tools was flexible to enable them to be used digitally or face to face, in teams or by individuals, on site or working from home.


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