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Google: Creating an awareness of distractions

We worked with Google to engage its employees in the safety risks of being distracted.

The challenge

Google Data Centers wanted to raise awareness of how being distracted at work can be a safety risk.

Our solution

We developed a ‘Where’s your head at?’ campaign to engage employees in what might be on their minds.

Developed on a strong foundation of research which has shown that just a 3-second distraction can double the likelihood of making a mistake, which could lead to accidents or injuries, the campaign was rolled out during National Safety Week.

It focused on helping people to understand the types of distraction they may face at work and what they can do to reduce or avoid them.

The ‘Where’s your head at?’ campaign comprised a series of posters, washroom ‘adverts’ and plasma screen presentations to raise

awareness, and an interactive ‘Engagement Toolkit’ for managers to continue the conversation and embed the messages from the campaign with their teams.

The outcome

Here is just some of the positive feedback we received from colleagues in the Data Centers:

“I’ve thought about my driving speed every day since the campaign!”

“It was great, especially when they were asking about individual comments and getting everyone involved.”

“It’s awesome. Great campaign.”

“Posters definitely grabbed my attention.”


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