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Embedding a global risk assessment process at Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail needed to engage colleagues around the world in a new and consistent risk assessments procedure.

The challenge
Hitachi Rail wanted to bring a new and consistent approach to risk assessments at their sites around the world. This required not only engaging leaders, managers, and teams in the new process but also, in the reason for introducing a new process.

Our solution
We created an interactive presentation aimed at site/project leaders/managers to introduce and explore the new risk assessment procedure. To support the site project leaders/managers to engage their teams in the procedure we provided a conversation tool for them to use with their teams. And then for each of Hitachi Rail’s critical risks we created one pager posters for communal areas with a simplified and standardised easy to follow step by step risk assessment.

The outcome
Clear understanding of the benefits of a new and consistent risk assessment procedure. A renewed focus on personal involvement in risk assessments and the importance of keeping risk assessments up to date.


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