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Engaging colleagues in a new system at Moderna

Moderna needed to engage colleagues in how to use Moderna MIS to ensure high quality reporting and CAPA management.

The challenge
Moderna wanted to increase the efficiency and consistency of training for its EHS Management Information System (MIS), Sphera, by creating a digital version of the existing face-to-face sessions.

Our solution
We created a modular programme which, for each stage of the process, provided information on why it was important and what colleagues needed to do. They also had the opportunity to practise how to do it by entering data in a simulated App using real-life scenarios.

The programme was mobile-compatible and employed a variety of learning activities, techniques and functionality, including animation, to maintain learners’ interest. Instant feedback was provided for all activities to reinforce the learning.

The outcome
A flexible, standalone digital training programme which has resulted in a significant increase in reporting events.


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