Improving health, safety and wellbeing

Rolls-Royce: Supporting a journey to zero harm

We developed team level, conversation-based workshops for the global aerospace company, Rolls-Royce, for employees around the world to deepen understanding of the impact they have on HSE performance.

The challenge

Every single person who works at Rolls-Royce has a role to play in ensuring the business achieves a high reliability Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture. The organisation wanted to engage its global population in the impact they have on EHS performance.

Our solution

We developed a half-day conversation-based workshop that could be picked up and easily facilitated by team leaders for their own teams.

The workshop explores the current reality of HSE culture in the business today, the aspiration for HSE culture, the specific strengths and weaknesses of the HSE culture in individual teams and enabled teams to identify and commit to actions to improve.

The outcome

The team workshops are now being rolled out on a business-by-business basis to support Rolls-Royce’s ongoing progress on its journey to zero harm.


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