Creating customer excellence

Getting it right first time for customers at Autoglass

Autoglass has an ambition to get it right first time for customers. Challenges with internal process and communication meant that sometimes customers were not having a right first time experience.

We developed learning and engagement tools to help nurture a customer focused culture across the business.



The challenge

Autoglass were investing in a single, consistent business wide SAP system to simplify and improve their customers’ journey. The system will bring about significant transformation in the business. Autoglass knew that transformation would only be successful if supported by the right customer mindset and the right behaviours.


Our solution
We ran focus groups with employees across the organisation to understand the role their team played in the overall customer journey and their experience of why things sometimes go wrong for customers. Their input contributed to the co creation of Getting it Right for Customers behaviours that were linked to the Autoglass values.

These behaviours were focused on what employees could personally do every day to support their colleagues to always get it right for customers. The behaviours formed the core of a customer workshop for leaders. The interactive workshop enabled leaders to explore the different roles that each team played in getting it right for customers and how those teams could work together more effectively to improve the customer experience. The session was based on complex but real scenarios where things can go wrong on the customer journey. Leaders discussed the situations and identified where and how the right behaviours could have prevented things going wrong. Leaders identified what their team could do differently to better support a customer focused mindset. And they left the workshop with a conversation toolkit to engage their own teams in what was required, ensuring the same conversations took place right across the business.

The outcome

Employees across Autoglass understand why, what and how of an improved customer experience and the role they can play in always delivering a consistent, right first time, customer experience.


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