Promoting diversity and inclusion

GSK: Raising awareness of workplace adjustments

In its drive to make work inclusive for all, we helped GSK to raise awareness of its industry-leading Workplace Adjustment Service and build disability confidence.

The challenge

GSK’s global Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities (WREF) function needed to promote the work of its Workplace Adjustment Service (WAS). WAS aims to help create an inclusive workplace by providing colleagues with access to the tools, assistive software and specialist and bespoke furniture they need to be at their best.

The challenge was to raise awareness of WAS across the organisation while also raising visibility of GSK’s approach to disability and inclusion on a global level. The aim was to inspire confidence and encourage employees to actively reach out to WAS by reinforcing its unique approach to prioritising what people need rather than why, and by using storytelling to demonstrate the difference WAS makes.

Our solution

Drawing on findings from stakeholder interviews and a review of WREF’s existing materials, we devised a four-step strategy, using a blended approach to raise awareness and enhance engagement with WAS. This solution would also help GSK’s employees to better understand the role WAS plays in enabling everyone to thrive and share the benefits which a diversified, enabled workforce can bring.

Step 1: Establishing the narrative

We created a narrative that positioned WAS as a vital one stop service to make work an inclusive place for all.

This narrative – then shaped into an engaging presentation deck – served to dismantle misconceptions about the Workplace Adjustment Service by reiterating its scope, the solutions available to those in need of short or long-term adjustments, and its innovative person-first approach.

Step 2: Raising awareness

Earlier insights showed that GSK employees were less likely to reach out to WAS through fear of not qualifying for support. To raise awareness of and inspire trust in the service, we designed a digital poster campaign advertising the unique, specialist support available and broadcasting GSK’s ‘we start with yes’ message.

Step 3: Telling ‘our story’

To showcase how WAS is making a difference to the working lives of GSK’s employees around the world, we edited together real-life stories and testimonials with survey results. These videos were captioned for accessibility.

Step 4: Understanding the process

To help GSK’s employees to understand the process involved in working with WAS, we created an interactive PDF to clarify each easy step.

We continue to support GSK in its commitment to providing safe, healthy, and equitable workplaces for its colleagues.


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