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Takeda: Spotting potentially serious or fatal incidents

We supported the global pharmaceutical company, Takeda, in educating and raising awareness of the hazards which could lead to potentially serious injuries or fatalities.

The challenge

Safety at Takeda is everybody’s responsibility and employees are provided with easy-to-access tools to help them observe and record safety issues. As a key part of supporting employees’ understanding of what they should be looking out for, Takeda wanted to educate their people in the top 15 hazards that can lead to a serious injury or fatality (SIF).

Our solution

Working closely with Takeda’s EHS colleagues, we created a 60-90-second long animation for each of the 15 hazards, illustrating a typical scenario of what could go wrong and the subsequent risk to people and property.


The animations support employees to look at their workplace with a fresh pair of eyes, helping them to spot a potential SIF and prompting them to take action by reporting and addressing the situation.

The animations were translated into seven languages, and are being used across many channels in the organisation, including virtual training sessions, company TV-screens and EHS campaigns.


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