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Hitachi Rail: Managing the risks of working in heat

Hitachi Rail has employees and contractors working on sites where heat and extreme heat are regularly encountered.

The challenge
Hitachi Rail needed to engage colleagues and contractors so that the risks from working in heat are properly understood, managed, and controlled.

Our solution
We created a toolkit including an interactive Manager’s guide to help them understand the risks of heat to the human body, the signs, and symptoms, how to best control the hazard and reduce the associated risks and how to create awareness among teams about what they can do as individuals to reduce the risks.

To support managers to engage with their teams, we created an animation to

provide an overview of the hazard, how it can affect individuals and the controls that should be in place to manage the hazard. The animation is supported by a conversation tool for managers to use with their teams to discuss the key content of the animation.

We also created posters and nudge stickers for use in communal and work areas to reinforce the need for individuals to keep themselves hydrated and what to do in case of an emergency.

The outcome
Clear understanding of the hazard, the associated risk and what managers and individuals need to do to stay safe and healthy when working in heat.


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