Improving health, safety and wellbeing

Babcock: Raising awareness of human factors

We helped Babcock create a programme to help people understand how human factors influence behaviours and therefore risks.

The challenge
Babcock is committed to creating an environment in which colleagues take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe at work. To do this, everyone needs to understand how human factors influence safety behaviours so they can take action to minimise risks. We worked with Babcock to create a digital learning programme to raise awareness of human factors across the organisation.

Our solution
The elearning programme translated complex concepts into easy-to-

understand ideas that colleagues could relate to inside and outside work. Engaging activities enabled learners to check their understanding and reflect on which factors they needed to focus on to reduce their likelihood of making errors. The appealing design helped to maintain learners’ interest.

The outcome
The elearning programme is the start of a broader human factors campaign to embed understanding and promote actions to ensure safeguards are in place and errors are minimised so everyone in Babcock stays safe and well.


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