Creating customer excellence

Ralph Lauren: Creating a personalised client experience

To enhance the quality of its client servicing, we helped Ralph Lauren to elevate the skills of its Sales Associates.

The challenge

Ralph Lauren recognised a need to embed clienteling into its retail performance culture, redefining its approach so that client servicing sat at the very heart of the Sales Associate role. Associates would need to understand the importance of building trust and long-term relationships, view clienteling as a continuous process, brimming with opportunities to engage in proactive conversations with prospects and patrons in a personal and professional way, and, most crucially, understand the role they play as vital and accountable sponsors in driving the mindset shift.

Our solution

We developed a training curriculum centred on Ralph Lauren’s core retailing principles. A definitive Clienteling suite comprising three levels would help to build knowledge and understanding step-by-step while clarifying what the brand expected its associates to do be able to do and by when.

The master programme offered a blended approach to learning

combining eLearning within an app environment, downloadable iPDFs, video, webinars, in-store conversations, and utilising employee engagement channels to provide clear progression to knowledge and skills building while giving a fresh, targeted focus to making the most of opportunities to build rapport with clients.

This mix of digital and face-to-face training offered Ralph Lauren’s Sale Associates the flexibility to elevate their skills individually or amongst peers, at a time of their choosing, using methods that allowed them to find real value.

The outcome

The new Clienteling training programme was piloted in five stores across the UK. Already, Ralph Lauren has seen a considerable rise in the booking of private appointments, supporting sales and revenue success and driving long-term loyalty to the brand. One store has reported a 21% increase in private appointments, while another has seen an uptake of 14%. Owing to the overall effectiveness of the Clienteling suite, there will be swift roll out across the EMEA region, allowing more and more stores to benefit.


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