Improving health, safety and wellbeing

Victrex: Viewing hazards through fresh eyes

We supported Victrex, a international supplier of high performance polymers, to shift its people’s perception of hazards across its varied working environments.

Our solution

Global SHE week provided an opportunity for everyone at Victrex to stop and view the hazards in their workplace with fresh eyes. We developed a toolkit for managers to lead engaging and thought provoking sessions with their teams about the hazards within their different working environments.

The kit included a digital big picture of a Victrex site. Hidden within it were a range of safety hazards and process safety scenarios to support a conversation about awareness of the hazards in our workplace and what we can do to control those hazards.

The toolkit also included a menu of activities linked to the Victrex Golden Rules. Team leaders were able to choose to run team activities based on the Golden Rules most relevant to the work in their team.

The toolkits provide a conversation and learning resource that goes way beyond the SHE week. Providing managers with a range of tools to draw on in their regular team SHE conversations.


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